Chasing Dreams Studio

Hi!  I'm so happy you are here!  I've been working so hard to get you here, and now, look!  I must have done something right on my SEO ;-)

I am a 40-something mom of five, 4 here on earth and one in Heaven.  I'm busy all the time.  I have high schoolers, a middle-schooler and one in elementary school.  So I am driving someone somewhere most of the time.  When we aren't in the car, I love to talk to my kids and find out about their day.  I've homeschooled some of them, but I've been home with all of them and for the most part, it's the best decision we ever made.  It's taken a lot of sacrifice and sometimes it's more than even I realize.  Though I would never change it for the world.

I have a degree in Sports Management and played basketball in college.  Though I took a few photography classes, I did not decide to start a business until last year.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures and my focused turned towards children when I started having them.  I currently am in a season of life with older kids so my passion is teenagers.  My daughters Emma, 18, and Karly, 16, are the best models I could ask for.  I have practiced on them relentlessly and they are always game.  And it's made me realize that most girls don't love being in front of someone else's camera at first, but as they warm up, the fun begins.  And the real them shines through.  I love seeing who they are and capturing that in my photos.  My goal in a senior portrait session is to have fun with my client, while telling a short story about them through a few clicks of my shutter.  

Being a mom of teenagers has not been easy and I know the struggles.  In a senior portrait session I want my seniors to come away with photos that they love of themselves and that make them proud of who they are and what they are doing.  I put a lot of time into location scouting, poses, lighting, props and final editing and it's important to me to that my clients are happy.  I get butterflies before each shoot because I know the stress that can go on inside of those on the other side of my camera and I'm compassionate toward that.  Bottom line is I want to give you stunning, captivating, and engaging photos that you will always look at with a smile and a sweet memory.  

Whether it's families, children, couples or teens, I am here to give you enchanting photographs.  Take a look around and if you like what you see, please give me a call.  I'd love to connect with you and see the story that we can tell together.