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A Whole lotta love in Wyoming | Wyoming Wedding Photographer

Last weekend I had the privilege of second shooting for my friend who is an amazing wedding photographer. I am addicted to her Instagram feed and you should be too. Check her out @lauraannphotography. But let me just tell you a little about this wedding.

The couple is from Nebraska so right away I feel a connection. Usually people from Nebraska know each other and if we don't, we know the same people or know people who know the same people, you get my drift. Haley and Hayden were two of the most laid back, fun-loving people I have ever met. There was nothing that could have ruined their day....not a misplaced wedding cake order by the vendor (no cake!)...not even a little rain. These two smiled through the entire thing. I hope that every wedding I shoot has this vibe. (ha, ha, I know). Truly the most important thing about the entire day was being together and sharing a beautiful connection between two beautiful people and their families and friends. I wish Hayley and Hayden all the love in the world.....and I think they'd make great parents, by the way. Just sayin'.

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